A kids point of view

I’m not sure if there are many kid’s options on here. Personally I wish my parents would have waited to get divorced until after I moved out of the house. My mom divorced my dad because he says a lot of things he really shouldn’t. And I know this is going to sound selfish... Now that my mom left the house my dad feels the need to say these things to me. It makes me upset and ruins my dad even seeing him. My parents have been divorced for almost three years. They told me and my sister about the divorce three days after my birthday. My older sister stopped them from telling me before my birthday. That’s when they were planning on telling me. I haven’t celebrated my birthday since and I really don’t want to. I don’t feel like it’s a day to celebrate anymore. My mom says she decided to divorce at that moment to show me and my two sisters that we shouldn’t settle. I understand where she is coming from. But I don’t agree. That’s not what it taught me. It taught me that she runs from her problems. My parents still hardly talk. And when I have volleyball games my older sister makes them sit next to her so they don’t feel like she’s picking sides. This really hurts me because I have to struggle not to cry every time I think about it. This is something I always want to talk about with friends but don’t because they’ve been through a lot worst things than me and I feel like I’m just complaining. Plus it’s hard to explain stuff like this to people. Thank you for reading this if you did. I just needed to vent.