Weight Discipline Struggles


At the “launch” of Covid I was determined to make quarantining productive and decided to drop some pounds since I no longer had the excuse of time. I was successful, dropped the weight, only to then start picking it back up and now I’m back where I started.

I think what helped was my fear to go anywhere near a fast food restaurant (or anywhere) when Covid first “got big”

Think (a) I’ve since gotten too comfortable again with the public so I’m back to enjoying fast food, plus (b) I’m back to stress eating when I’m feeling anxious about anything—I’m an emotional eater in general, happy/sad/good/bad (3) I lost drive to get up and walk everyday as I was doing and that’s partially due to guilt from “b” and/or due to (d) gaining happy weight as I’m so comfortable in my new relationship. Not to mention (e) because I do see results so fast and lose weight easily when I do apply myself, I keep “crutching” on the thought that when I do buckle down it’ll be easy to reach where I wanna be...but apparently it ain’t THAT easy/simply or I’d be doing it!

It’s really all the above

My discipline sucks 🤦🏽‍♀️

What helpful tips do you have to address any of these setbacks? Anyone experiencing anything similar?

Some days I walk past a mirror and still think I’m “the cat’s meow” despite gaining back the weight, whereas other times I walk past a mirror and I’m disgusted with myself lol