I’m extremely bummed I wasn’t offered this opportunity

My dad works with someone who used to be on the board of the low income/fixed income/affordable housing. Typically the apartments are either in not nice areas or they’re in super nice areas but for ridiculous amounts of money.

He let my dad know there’s potentially a really great opportunity coming available. Instead of just renting, you purchase the condo for a certain price and then own it after a number of years. You basically making triple or more than what your investment is. Basically the condos are hard to come by because no one sells, unless forced to by the board. They all know about the buying to own at market value and are just waiting the required number of years.

I found out though my mom that he decided to offer it to my sister and her fiancé(wasn’t even aware this was a thing until then)

My sister and her fiancé moved out of the city in with his grandparents to save money to buy a house. They’d been looking in the suburbs.

I’m extremely bummed my dad didn’t offer me/my fiancé this opportunity to live there. My sister can’t even own it because she makes too much money. She can live there though because she’ll be married to her fiancé who will own it.