How would you respond?

My fiance is so nit picky and bossy and is just a perfectionist. We have a 1 year old and he's never really had experience with kids or babies except with his niece and nephew and he barley watched them when they were babies. I have more experience with babies. So when our son was born. All of a sudden he was an expert in babies and instead of working as a team a lot of times its like he was the manager and I was a new employee. He used to tell me I wasn't breastfeeding right and to do it differently and his son wasn't getting enough milk when the pediatrician said he was so healthy. And now we feed him all the right foods and I watch him more and its like when he had his off days he acts like he's with him 24/7. He tells me that I should feed him one more thing or why am I doing this. He does it like this and I take some input and some I don't because our son is healthy. So right now my son woke up and I usuallyet him play in his crib for 10 minutes because it comforts him since when I go in there right away he doesn't want to get up. So my fiance goes. He's up. The longer you wait the later he'll go to sleep at night. As if he's the one waking and putting him to bed every night. And I told him I wait a bit and he says he doesn't do that and I need to do this. Basically after this long rant I want to ask. How would you deal/respond to this when it's constant and about everything. I'm not saying oh it's just me and butt out but instead of working together he likes to boss me around like he knows everything or as if I were the babysitter and not our sons mom.