Am I Wrong?


warning- long rant/post.

a bit of pertinent info- my son goes to his dads every sunday evening until wednesday afternoon.

last friday, i received an email from my sons school saying tuesday he was exposed to a staff who tested positive. because of this, he would have to quarantine for ten days, and not return to campus until march 5th. i called his dad friday evening to let him know what was going on. his dad asked if i was going to get him tested, to which i told him that if he began showing covid symptoms, i would, but otherwise no, i would not put my 7 year old through that. i’ve had several covid tests and they hurt! i told his dad that i also work a 16 hour shift monday, and a 12 hour shift tuesday, so i wouldn’t have the opportunity to take him to be tested “just because”. his dad asked me “well what about everyone he’s been around?” mind you, this is friday evening and by this point, he’s already been around everyone at his dads as well as my house. during this phone call, his dad told me he would still get him as scheduled on sunday evening. well, immediately after we got off the phone, i got a text from his dad telling me he’ll get him after he gets tested, although i told him i wasn’t doing that unless he began showing any symptoms.

fast forward to today; i get these texts from

his dad, and for some reason, they’ve got me so frustrated! his dad is off work monday- thursday. he never has to work when my son is at his house. me on the other hand, i’m a nurse who works 16 and 8 hour shifts. i don’t have the luxury of not having to work when my son is here, and i still manage to get him to the majority of all of his appointments. i think in 4 years, his dad has taken him to one dental appointment. every other physical, sick visit, eye doctor, dentist, anything, i get him to those.

am i in the wrong here for not taking my son, who’s showing absolutely no symptoms, to get covid tested?