Love my neighbors but hate their son..

So my neighbors are around my parents age (50ish and 45), they have a 12 year old, it's her step son. Now I have no kids (26) but own my place next door to them. They were having a fire and we went down ( we were invited). Long story short their son knocked over my wine glass, trying to lean over the table to grab something.. no big deal it didn't break, and it was empty so I never said anything. But then he proceeded to try and tell me I needed to watch where I put my stuff.. that was not okay with me. So of course I said he needed watch what he was doing and or move something so it wouldn't cause an accident since my wine glass was there wayy before he walked up to the table. He tried to clap back at me saying no I need to watch my stuff since it was " his property" I was on.. I kinda caught a big attitude because to me he was being a little asshole. It's not his property it's his parents.. and instead of giving me attitude over an accident he caused because he was being lazy and not moving something. He could just said nothing at all and it would have been dropped right then.. but I told him he needed to watch how he talked to me as I'm an adult and he was wrong. He ended up going inside and told his parents I made him feel uncomfortable. ughh!! I would have punished my own kid for trying to talk back to an adult like that. He is so disrespectful I hate it!! Can you really be friends with someone when you despise their child?? Btw this is like the 10th situation of him being disrespectful I've personally had to deal with..

Edit: his step mom came over today and we were talking (she wasn't outside when it happened). She brought up that he wouldnt come outside cause I was there. She figured it was something that he did but asked so I told her. And she completely agreed with me and said she was lucky she wasn't there when it happened. Now for the people saying I should "lighten up" and or was "fighting with a 12 year old". I didn't raise my voice or go back and forth with him but I used my stern voice and showed that I need to be respected and neither his parents or me see any problem with that. I would expect any other adult to put my child in check if they are being disrespectful as long as they do it without yelling and or belittling my child . 🤷‍♀️