should i be worried?? am i overthinking??

so i (22F) matched with a guy (23M) on tinder 6 weeks ago and we’ve been talking consistently— FULL convos, not just small talk!

we’ve gone on 7 really fun dates already and things seem to be going great. he picks me up, opens my car door, got me flowers last week while i was sick, is helping me study for my teacher certification exams, sends me cute gym selfies daily, and we binge watch a show on netflix over zoom almost every night— he’s truly doing everything right !

we’ve introduced each other to our friends & he actually already met my mom— unplanned, it just sorta happened, but he left a good first impression. he’s even told his mom and sister about me & they’ve been really curious and asking about me.

we’ve hooked up (head, fingering, etc) twice already, but during the second time (this past friday night), he asked if we could have sex— but prefaced that he understood if it was too soon or if he killed the mood. I told him that it’s not too soon & that he didn’t ruin the moment, but that I just didn’t want to that day. He seemed okay w that and we carried on hooking up, then cuddled for a while until we fell asleep together.

I’m reallllly into him and I did want to have sex, but my reasoning is that we haven’t labeled ourselves as bf/gf and I’m terrified that I’ll just be a rebound after his last relationship (his ex of 6yrs ended things w him in January, and I’m the first girl he’s taken out or been with since). I want to wait to see if/when things get more serious before having sex w him.

However, today (just 2 days after that), I noticed that he had at least opened the tinder app today as his location was much closer to me than where he actually lives. Should I be worried that he’s looking at tinder just after I turned down his advance to have sex? (Yes, I technically opened it too but it was only to see if he had updated his profile since we’ve started going out. I haven’t matched or talked to any other guy since matching w him).

I’m afraid I might have ruined things by saying no. But then again, he could’ve innocently opened it like I did. Am I overthinking things?? Should I be worried?? He’s the first guy I’ve ever dated this consistently & can see turning into my first real relationship. I just don’t know if I’m self sabotaging by getting too in my head about this. What should I do??