Would you break up with him?

So lately I’ve been getting really upset at the way my boyfriend has been speaking to me when he’s upset. He grew up in a very toxic household where they’d yell at each other, curse, interrupt, and not listen to each other when arguing. In my household we did the exact opposite. Moving in together has been fairly okay, except for the arguing.

We’ve never called each other names like bitch, piece of shit, cunt, pussy, or anything degrading like that. But here and there a shit, or fuck will slip. Well recently (past few months) my bf has been saying things like “Shut the fuck up, I don’t give a shit/fuck, and fuck you”. I’ve told him countless times to stop it because I don’t appreciate being talked to that way. And he’ll say sorry later and that he’ll try to stop but it hasn’t. There’s been a few times when I’ve gotten so mad that I told him to go fuck himself too but I don’t like it. It gets us no where and I’ve fed up.

Like for today, I told my bf to sort through his old clothes of what he wants to keep and what he wants to throw away so that I can do laundry. I’ve been asking him for a week now and today he was so upset he had to do it that he was throwing the clothes that he didn’t want across the room to make a point of him being upset. I told him to stop acting like a child and that it wasn’t that hard to do (literally got it done in less than 3 minutes). And then he said “Just shut the fuck up already”. I said “Go ahead and talk to me like that. I don’t even care anymore, it doesn’t bother me. But I hope you grow up into a man that can do simple chores around the house without throwing a damn tantrum like a child”. He told me yet again to “Shut the fuck up”. And I replied “Yup but that makes you feel like such a man rn talking to me that way. Ima go do laundry now but have fun acting like a child”. After that he stayed quiet. Once I did the laundry and packed up his clothes on the floor, as I was doing my makeup in the room I told him to stop talking to me that way because it’s very disrespectful and if he doesn’t, I probably won’t be here anymore. He’s been quiet ever since.

I honestly don’t know what to do about him anymore. I’ve talked to him about it so many times and it seems like he’s not changing. He doesn’t cheat, he has never been violent, he doesn’t curse at me but it bugs me so much when he tells me to fuck off or stfu. I’m supposed to be dating a man not a damn child. And I was asking him to sort HIS laundry, that I’ve been asking him to do for a whole WEEK. Idk if it’s a deal breaker for me or not.

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