Rant about COVID


I don’t care what your opinion on COVID is, I need a rant. I don’t care if your pro/anti mask, I don’t care if you think it violates your freedoms to be on lockdown, I don’t care if you’re pro/anti vaccine. But I am SO sick and tired of hearing that our “rights” are being taken away while people DIE because of humans being selfish. When 99% of the articles claiming our rights are being taken away, are incorrect/not fact based. So many other countries have complied with their government and their doctors recommendations and they are DONE with the virus or have very few cases. The people of the United States refuse to admit that they need to help their fellow man, and instead many people are choosing to be selfish daily. Choosing to ignore facts bc Facebook told them something different. Choosing to be mad about something that should never have been made political. I don’t care if you think the virus is man made, and if it is, we’re still in this situation all together anyway. If you don’t want to wear a mask, get the vaccine, quarantine.. so be it. But why continue to be hateful of others who are at risk or are dying from the virus? Why subject our healthcare workers to more horror, why subject families to loosing more loved ones? I can’t understand why people choose to ignore others suffering, and still continue to stay ignorant in the name of “freedom”. I am so tired and burned out of seeing all of the hate, all of the misinformation, all of the propaganda. I just want normal again 🤦‍♀️