What do I do about BD being absent?


I know.. I should just count it as a loss and move on..

but she was very much wanted by both of us!! After I had our daughter he completely changed he became abusive and got arrested twice for putting his hands on me.. but that was over 2 years ago.. our daughter is about to be 4.. no child support, nothing! His charges got dropped to minimal even though there were witnesses both times.. she has been asking about her father.. I’m single, living in a trash place I bought for 1k and still can’t afford.. he’s making 100k a year.. He has 2 older kids he is in their lives! He was in her life for awhile.. we had a house together.. I ended up homeless twice!! Finally bought a place for 1k that was infested.. and a year later he doesn’t help or even acknowledge her!! I’ve gone through the child support thing and he refuses to participate