Thinking about quitting!!

Karolina • Still waiting for our baby.
June will make 3 TTC. If I don't fall PG by the end of June I am seriously thinking about quitting!! I don't think I can take it anymore. I will make an Appt. at my local Health Unit and see what they say. I want to wait till the end June before I go foward with seeing a Doc and/or quitting. I am just sooo tired of seeing and hearing about pregnancy. Maybe I am going threw that faze AGAIN. Even though I just started charting everything and trying new thing to help. I just feel lost. Like I am just standing still looking around while everthing and everyone is zooming by. Like I am moving in slow motion. We BD on my +OPK day but not after. Our sex life is honestly slim to none and I know that is a factor in this "game". I will just see how these next few months go first. 
​I feel somewhat better getting this off my mind. DH doesn't know about this either. I wont tell him till June/July.