Long cycles and irregular periods

My cycles were very regular my hole life, then I started BC and it was great for me. I have been off the pill for a year now and it's been a roller coaster. Horrible actually. My cycles now average 42-52 days ! And my period doesn't always come. I ovulate and I no I do because I get the symptoms. I currently use 2 apps to try an calculate  when I get a period. It feels like a huge tease when I don't get a period. I'm. Ur rebuke almost 2 weeks late and I'm not in a rush to test cause I don't feel pregnant. I have been to the doctor and she was no help at all ! Told me I will be this irregular for life and chose to not run any tests at all. What I'm getting at is : does anyone else have long cycles ? What did u do about it? I currently take vitex herbal extract and it has helped a lot with prepriod symptoms.