Getting pregnant after tubal ligation

Tarah • Married , 37 , 4 children
Hi Everyone.  I have heard of some woman getting pregnant even after having their tubes tied.  Does anyone know if this is possible even if you had your tubes tied , cut , & burned ?? 
​I was married once before and we had 3 children.  I was only 21 at the time and got pregnant with the 3rd right after giving birth to my 2nd.  So at that point we thought we were done.  Never thought years later we would divorce and now I'm remarried and would live to give my husband now a baby. He says it dosent bother him since he to already has a son from a previous relationship but the biological mother hasn't even seen him in over 6 years.  I'm 37 now and if it was even possible at this point am I too old?