Little apprehension..

Hello all, just thought I would describe my cycle lately and see if anyone relates. I had irregular periods  at 15-16 so I was put on the pill. Never remembered to take the pill and it made me sick so I went on the Nuva ring and have been on it for a good 5+ years. Took my ring out because my prescription ended and I wasn't sure if I wanted to go back on BC and go natural for when we do decide to try. DH and I have decided we want to actively try next summer so my doctor thought I should go on the pill until we are ready to concieve. ( not happy about that) but I guess it's better than creating a baby when we aren't ready. 
​Anyway, after I took my Nuva ring out in August, I had a period and then have not had one since. I had every classic pregnancy symptom of sore boobs, crazy moods, sensitive to smells, nausea, super hungry and had to pee more. But multiple HPT's came back inconclusive or negative. Went to the doctor about 3 weeks ago and she said I wasn't pregnant, ( apparently they can tell just by looking at your va jay?) and prescribed me medroxyprogesterone to give me a period and then start a new pack of pills. My period started today.  DH and I have been super careful with condone the last couple months but the last two weeks we have had unprotected sex twice. I've heard the progesterone pills are horrible to take if you are pregnant so in the back of my mind (even tho we most likely aren't) I'm afraid that if we did happen to concieve one of those days that this would be my body ridding of it. Idk I'm Probablly making too much out of it. 
​I'm in that weird transition phase of not sure if I want a baby now but reading glow secretly starting to want a baby sooner! Should I start the bc pills? 
​Sorry for the long post! Just thinking outloud I suppose. Thanks for reading : )