Babies drinking soda.

Let me preface this by saying that this post is just my opinion. In the past I've been accused of trying to tell people what to do with their children but just know that this is in no way my intention. I'm just here to state how I feel so that I can see if others feel the same or differently. With that out of the way, here is the real topic. Recently I was scrolling through Facebook, as one does, and I noticed an interesting picture on my timeline. The picture looked very normal at first, just a mother and her baby smiling for a selfie. However, after a moment I noticed that, instead of milk in the babies bottle, there was some kind of brown liquid. It took me a minute before I realized that the brown liquid the baby was drinking was soda. Bare in mind, this baby was a baby not a toddler,  the most he was a year old if even that. This baffled me because I could never imagine what would posses a person to put an entire 16 ounce bottle of Coca Cola, or any other soft drink for that matter, into their baby's milk bottle for them to drink. I can see giving a toddler a couple sips here or there but a whole bottle for a growing baby just seems kind of irresponsible to me. What do you guys think?