Poss Early Symptoms or Flu?!


Hey guys let me know what you think! I am 25 and have been ttc 10 months!

This is the first time i have felt "different" AF due 24th.

4dpo: icky feeling, cramping left lower abs

5dpo: slight dizziness, heartburn

6dpo: sharp cramping very low, mild back ache, increased hunger

7dpo: extremely sore bbs, sharp shooting pains inside bbs and nipples, twinges every so often inside and constant ache, burning sensation in bbs making my eyes water!, mild cramps, headache

8dpo: very bloated, boobs tender when move or bend over, some shooting pains and burning again, some lower back ache, heartburn, tiredness

9dpo: tiredness, feeling lazy, my birthday and only had 2 alcohlic drinks! Didnt "feel" like it! Tender bbs,tested that night as impatient and bfn.

10dpo: increased urination, hungry 5mins after meals, sore throat and stuffy nose, some cramps every so often low down.

11dpo: woke up early and hungry very quickly,vivid dreams but not feeling so "different" atm, boobs are only slightly tender

I dont usually think much as i always have my ovulation pains and then 2 weeks later i have my AF. My boobs do get sore as they are heavy but nothing like this..no shooting pains or anything and i never cramp btwn ovulation and af.

Jus some advice and opinions would be great!! Thank yoooooo x