Harmony test

Has anyone here done the harmony test? I had my 12 week scan and everything looked fine, they took blood and in 48hrs I'll be told whether I'm high risk or low risk for Down Syndrome and other chromosome conditions but it's not accurate. Has anyone here had the harmony test?  I hear it's 100% accurate in somethings. I'd like to do it but at 800€ (1100$ / £650) it's really pricey and the DH thinks that money would be better spent on a pram!
Thoughts/experiences most welcome!  Also, I leave you with a pic! It's not visible in this pic but when we were watching the baby turn there was clearly something, a bump between the legs that could be a penis, doc said if it's still there in 3 weeks it's a boy but, girls at 12 have their sexual parts/clitoris inflammed and it looks the same so in 3 weeks if the bump is gone then it's a boy. 
Baby was super dopey and heartbeat was 140. I measured 5.36- 12w3days but we know I'm 12wks exactly.