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    2 IVF (Fresh)
    Center Palm Springs
    January 12, 2017

    I have really good and a little bad to say about this clinic. The good first: the staff was all very friendly and supportive. The nurse I interacted with, Ashley, not sure if she still works there, I especially liked. They were mostly prompt with appointment times. Dr. Abdahla was positive and kind. My treatment here included two egg retrivals, one embryo transfer, and one laparoscopic surgery. I did conceive from our second round of IVF. The bad: after the first round was unsuccessful I was extremely concerned about finances and our ability to move forward. I needed surgery before we could attempt another round which added to the cost. Dr Abdahla over and over told us not to worry about the cost, that he would work with us, so we decided to move forward. My fault for not having him spell out exactly what 'work with us' and 'don't worry about it' meant... in the end the discount he gave us was very small and 'working with us' meant all fund had to be paid before transfer, which was only a two week window. Because I had already had surgery when we found this out and the timing was absolutely crucial, I felt like we had no option to back out or our chance wouldn't be lost. So, my overall impression: Dr Abdahla is a good doctor, the staff he had there when I was seen was friendly and helpful. However, if you have any limitations on finances be sure to have things spelled out exactly before moving forward.


    Pregnant 4 IUI 1 IVF (Frozen)
    Total cost $25000
    Center Palm Springs
    Doctor Maher Abdallah
    January 16, 2019

    amazing doctor and staff the were there for all my needs and the doctor knew how to treat my infertility perfectly

    March 31, 2017

    I went to this clinic after a year of infertility. I went in for the free consultation. This clinic and all of the staff was very understanding. They made me feel very comfortable.


    1 IUI , 1 IVF (Fresh) , 1 IVF (Frozen)
    Center Palm Springs
    Doctor Mazin Abdullah
    March 09, 2017

    Great place nice people. Can't wait to go back.

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4.5 (4 ratings)
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