Life at Glow

What we do

Glow empowers women with information about their bodies and shines a light on the science of womanhood. We use machine learning and algorithms to convert that knowledge into highly accurate and personalized information for each woman across all of our apps. We’ve also created a thriving Community in which women across all stages in life, all over the world, support and learn from each other about every topic imaginable.

Why we believe in it

We aspire to bring a new face, new data, and new solutions to broken systems in the $2.5 trillion healthcare industry. Our goal is to enable people to manage their health in a whole new way. We’ve got a great team and are looking to add awesome partners. If you aren’t afraid of big problems and uncharted waters, then we want to talk to you.

Who you’ll be working with

We don’t believe in hierarchy or entitlement. If you come work with us, you’ll have a lot of fun, but you will have to prove yourself. We’re young, hungry entrepreneurs and this job will be largely what you make it. You’ll have the chance to work with incredible tech industry veterans and investors and with really smart and driven colleagues. Finally, you’ll have the technology & support that you need to be successful.

Current openings

Graphic Design Intern ⋅ San Francisco We are looking for a graphic design intern to join our team. Design shapes all of our communications, helping us motivate women of all ages to take control of their health. Read more »
Customer Experience Specialist, Eve and Glow ⋅ San Francisco ⋅ Shanghai Our team manages online support and advocates for product improvements on behalf of our customers. We are looking for a rockstar problem-solver with a proactive attitude, excellent communication skills, and of course, tons of enthusiasm for Eve and Glow. Read more »
Product Manager ⋅ Shanghai We’re looking for a Product Manager to lead our product team. You will have to be able to think strategically and execute tactically. You’ll be challenged and supported by some of the best designers and technologists in the world. Read more »
Product Designer ⋅ San Francisco ⋅ Shanghai As a Product Designer at Glow, you have a rare opportunity to create something very functional and emotional. Bridging the gap of technology and humanity. Read more »
Mobile Developer ⋅ Shanghai Software is a delicate machinery, which only works properly when all the parts are perfectly designed and manufactured. More importantly, all of the pieces needs to stitched together seamlessly in an elegant way. We’re looking for developers who are just as passionate in his/her own work as the overall architecture of the company. Read more »
QA Engineer ⋅ Shanghai As a test engineer in Glow, you will be involved in the process from the beginning of product design, provide your feedback and create test plans. You will work closely with developers to make sure they’re writing testable code so you have a good understanding of the code base. Read more »


If the above sounds like you, send us a note at We can’t wait to hear from you!