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    5 IUI
    Center Central Illinois Fertility Clinic
    Doctor Adelina M Emmi
    November 28, 2017

    My experience with Sher, Dr. Emmi, and the staff was horrible. They provided very poor care and unpersonalized service. They get things done fast, which means they do not take time to answer questions or educate you on your conditions or the procedures. There's very poor communication between the staff and many times I was the one setting things straight. I could name countless errors that they made, and yet I never once received an apology. They charged me $40 to receive my records for tests and treatments I had already paid significant amounts of money towards; might I add my records were missing crucial documents. Even after being their patient for 6 months, they still did not know who I was or my fertility treatment history with them. The facility is the only option in central Illinois, so it is convenient. However, I promise you your time and money are worth going elsewhere.


    Pregnant 3 IVF (Fresh)
    Total cost $105000
    Center Central Illinois Fertility Clinic
    Doctor Adelina M Emmi
    August 31, 2017

    The nurses seem a little rude sometimes.

    1 IUI
    Total cost $10000
    Center Central Illinois Fertility Clinic
    March 29, 2017

    The Doctor was amazing, she informed us of some treatment options. Then we picked the best one for us.

Overall Rating

3.3 (3 ratings)
Individualized care: 3.0 Quality of nursing staff: 2.0 Wait time: 4.0


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