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    2 IVF (Fresh) , 3 IVF (Frozen)
    Total cost $12000
    August 29, 2019

    I have never had a doctor so invested in my care and the success of me becoming pregnant.

    2 IUI
    Total cost $3000
    May 27, 2019

    Dr. Blohm has a tough candy shell with a soft chewy center. He is a busy man and works literally 7 days/week - no days off, no vacations. He does not sugar-coat news, he is very blunt. He’s really not great with communication at all. You have to stay on your toes and ask questions. If you need someone to hold your hand and tell you everything’s going to be okay, this is not your guy. If you want an amazing doctor who knows exactly what to do to get you pregnant - he is fantastic.


    Pregnant 3 IUI , 1 IVF (Fresh) , 1 IVF (Frozen)
    Total cost $40000
    Doctor Patrick Blohm
    October 11, 2017

    I can’t say enough wonderful things about this office & Dr. Blohm. I had always heard terrible things regarding his bedside manner, so terrible that I waited so long to go to him because I was afraid of what horrible things he might say to me. I wasted that time waiting for nothing. His is honest and frank so if you are looking for a Dr to hold your hand through the process, he’s not the one. If you’re looking for someone to get the job done, you’ve found your man. He has never once been rude or condescending, we joke even. People complain that he rushes you in and out and he does. This also means less time waiting around for you. He is extremely busy and works 7 days a week because he has to work around your cycle. I have never had a problem reaching his staff to get answers to questions. If I have to leave a message, I receive a returned call in a very timely manner. There are multiple visits I haven’t been charged for meaning he’s worked for free because I’m self-pay. I’m beyond happy with Dr. Blohm, his staff and everyone at St. Joseph’s.


    Doctor Patrick Blohm
    June 26, 2017

    Great doctor that puts bedside manner aside to get the job done. His staff is all friendly and extremely helpful. He is always booked so that should tell you how in demand he is.


    3 IVF (Frozen)
    June 12, 2017

    I went to Dr Blohm back in 2013, I felt like I was in a gamble game and Dr. Blohm was just trying his luck with me. His wife is a bet rude as well by judging me when she never even knew me. I would not recommend this doctor to anyone that wants to be respected in a very hard and embarrassing part of your life.


    3 IUI , 1 IVF (Fresh)
    May 12, 2017

    He is a very honest doctor and can sometimes come off as frank but he really does care and has so much knowledge


    April 04, 2017

    Very honest Doctor. Although he did not deliver good news to me, he also did not want to waste my time. money and emotions on IVF if it had a slim chance. He spent plenty of time with me reviewing all notes and medical history. No follow up was required, but I would recommend him for fertility issues.

    Pregnant 1 IVF (Fresh)
    January 28, 2017

    He is very intelligent and has a very high success rate


    2 IVF (Fresh) , 3 IVF (Frozen)
    Total cost $12000
    January 25, 2017

    Dr.Blohm is thorough but I feel like he rushes you out the door. Also he comes off a bit condescending.

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