Leuprolide (generic)

Leuprolide/Leuproeline Injectable
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    March 29, 2017

    very effective, came with slight headaches though.

Important Information
An agonist that inhibits your pituitary's production of FSH and LH. This medication is taken as an injection just beneath the skin. This allows some of the other medications to provide a very even and balanced stimulation to the developing follicles. Lupron will allow patients to produce greater numbers of higher quality eggs during a given treatment cycle. Additionally, it prevents a spontaneous mid-cycle hormonal surge which may result in cycle cancellation.
Typical use
Common Side Effect
mood changes, hot flashes, sweating, acne, rash, itching; headache, joint pain, back pain, or general pain; cold or flu symptoms, weakness, feeling tired, trouble breathing; vaginal itching or discharge; breakthrough bleeding in a female child during the first weeks of Lupron treatment; swelling, bloating, weight gain, problems with urination; decreased testicle size; redness, burning, stinging, pain, swelling, or oozing where the shot was given.

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