Mobile Developer

We're using state-of-art technology to collect user's data from their mobile phones and build machine-learning models to help families solve their fertility problems. This is a real hard and valuable problem, we're looking for talented and passionate developers help us solve it. Software is delicate machinery, which only works properly when all the parts are perfectly designed and manufactured. More importantly, all of the pieces need to stitch together seamlessly in an elegant way. We're looking for developers who not only focus on their own work but also always keep the overall architecture in mind.

More specifically, we're looking for creators not just developers, who care more deeply about the product than the technology, and who would be actively involved in the entire process of creating a product, from product specs to user feedback analysis.


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent is required. Master degree is preferred.
  • Strong knowledge of the development in at least one major mobile platform, either iOS or Android.
  • Good understanding on software design, data structure and computer algorithms.
  • Experience with web development, including Python, Ruby on Rails or Nodejs/Javascript is a plus.
  • Knowledge of machine learning and big data analysis is a plus.
  • Good communication skills in both Chinese and English.

You must solve this puzzle to apply

There're 7 red tiles, 8 blue titles and one white title in a 4 x 4 plane. We could only move the white tile. When moving it, the white tile swaps the position with the adjacent tile. L, R, U, D are corresponding to four directions which the tile could be moved to (Left, Right, Up, Down) For example, starting from configuration (S), by the move sequence RDRDL we reach the configuration (E). Now, starting from configuration (S), find the shortest way to reach configuration (T).


What is the move sequence of the path ?