Success stories
Below are stories shared by the Glow community. We're so grateful to have been there to help along the way!
  • First TTC cycle ,
    ​Told myself I was not going to stress it and become a crazy woman taking pregnancy tests everyday !!
    ​Leading up to my BFP that week I was so tired all the time , taking naps during the day when I got a break at work (which I never do) and also going to bed really early . I would also get period like cramps which is another reason I did not want to test because I was sure AF was coming !! Had a dream last night all night long of me taking pregnancy tests and all of my tests were bfp! Woke up with a strange feeling that I had to take a test and there it was , my BFP!!!! I couldn't believe it !! I believe it was 13 dpo !! I have a normal 28 day cycle and I tested on cycle day 29! I know I ovulated later this cycle ( I tracked it)
  • Best Mother's Day present ever xx
  • Very helpful, thank you
  • I had an IUD removed early 2016 and after a very long year of failed pregnancy tests and disappointment me and my husband are finally pregnant!! And I owe it all to Glow without this amazing app to help me keep up with my ovulation circle we would've been successful. I want to thank the creators and encourage everyone who is trying to conceive to use this app.
  • After using the Glow App for just over a month,I did a pregnancy test on the 20th of March and got a positive result. So I went to the doctors yesterday 25/3/17 and it was confirmed that I am pregnant but still in the really early stages ,only about 4 weeks along. My partner and I were not expecting to conceive this quickly but we are so excited & scared to start this journey into parenthood together. Glow helped out immensely but letting me know when I was most fertile and telling me the chance of pregnancy in percentage everyday!
  • Today I was supposed to have my period. I did an EPT since we have been TTC for the last two months. Fortunately, this one was our lucky one. 😃
  • After over 3 years of trying (I have PCOS), I downloaded the glow app and we had our first child in May 2016. I used the glow app again and I expected to try for a while before becoming pregnant, but after trying for only 3 months I am pregnant again!! Love this app!!
  • 6 weeks
  • It finally happened 😍
  • I'm so excited.
  • I have been TTTC for 2 months and today we finally got a positive pregnancy test!
  • It wasn't the R Kelly music but I'm excited either way
  • We have been trying for 5 months now and today I found out I was pregnant. I took 2 at home tests and now all I want to do is go see my OB to confirm everything is okay.
  • I have extremely irregular periods and I thought I'd never concieve... I took two pregnancy tests today and omg!!!! both were positive!!! I'm sooo excited.
  • Weird feelings! its my first pregnancy and i dont know how to feel. Of course im happy but i havent announced it to everybody yet, except of my husband.
    I think i need time to reaLize whats going on. And then i need to be sure everything's going all right.
    ​I plan to visit doctor next week so i can have some advises how to plan my pregnancy.
    ​I would be happy also to here some advises from you guys.
    ​As i counted i think im 2 weeks pregnant now.