Success stories
Below are stories shared by the Glow community. We're so grateful to have been there to help along the way!
  • TTC for 18 months with no joy stopped smoking and started vaping 5 weeks ago now I'm 4 weeks pregnant xxx
  • After being on the pill for 3 years I had no idea if my cycle was still like clock work or all messed up. With me have a high risk the last time I was pregnant and the trouble my mom went through with me at the age of 30 I wanted to have one more baby before I turned 30. Thanks to this app I got things straight and I’m able to do things the way I wanted.
  • Well... I think it may have happened! Got two positive tests a few days apart! Now time to tell daddy!
  • success after7 years
  • I was trying for a baby for 2 years with no luck. My husband was previously in a relationship for 6 years and they couldn’t conceive. And in his family there is a history of this. So we tried for 2 years and no luck! We decided to be referred for ivf and had an appointment in January. We stopped following glow dates etc. And surprise surprise I’m pregnant! I can only thank God for what it a miricle for me. I pray that everyone trying is gifted with such news xx
  • What is that mean ?
  • Got pregnant after 8 months!!
  • I didn’t think it would happen so quickly and am actually quite nervous, but I’m due for my period, took the test and got a BFP!! 10-18-17....I haven’t told my fiancé yet 😬😶 According to the chart, I’m 4weeks and 4 days! God is amazing and does all things at his time!
  • 3 months off birth control and boom! Baby due June 2018!
  • This is the second time I have used Glow! Great app! Don't lose doesn't happen right away ( at least for me it didn't happen right away) but it takes consistency with the dates.
  • I met my now Husband 4 years ago. We knew we wanted kids eventually just not right away.
    I got an IUD (Mirena) put in January 2014. After 6 months with my IUD I no longer had AF show up!
    ​After our Wedding in July of this year I had my IUD removed the same month.
    ​Although it was removed we were just trying to regulate my cycle again incase it took a bit. In September we went to Cancun for our honeymoon. Once we were home we decided it was baby dancing time!!
    ​I stocked up on HPT, Pre-Seed, Ovulation test, pre-natal vitamins and made sure we took care of ourselves!
    ​The TWW was Hard!!! I tested starting at 8DPO and swear I was seeing a vvvvvvvfl. As the days went on the line started to appear darker! I took a digital test at 11DPO and got my BFP! Our first cycle trying. I was in shock! Never did I think after our first month TTC.
    ​I waited for my husband to come home from work and left this on our kitchen counter.
    How I told my parents...
    ​June 2018 can't come quick enough! ✨
  • Super excited and scared. Pregnancy #4 and no children. So this time I will be keeping it a secret from the Mr, until 12 weeks and praying all goes well. pray for us please
  • Went to the doctor today start testing for infertility and he came back in telling me there's no need that I'm 4 weeks and 4 days along 😊💕💙
  • Took us six years to get pregnant with our first child who was born September of 2016. We just got married this past September. We started trying for a second child in August thinking that it would take a long time yet again. We were wrong. Three months of barely trying and just pulling the goalie and we're pregnant again. I'm in complete disbelief and terrified and I feel extremely guilty and sad that my one year old won't get to 2 before having a sibling. I'm also insanely excited to have a second child.
    So many mixed emotions.
  • im so excited!!