Success stories
Below are stories shared by the Glow community. We're so grateful to have been there to help along the way!
  • Whohoooo it’s Positive!!!
  • After over a year of failed pregnancy test after pregnancy test..I'm finally pregnant!
  • I have a very irregular cycle and we've been ttc for over a year. Finally three months ago I started drinking lots of red raspberry leaf tea, taking prenatals, and Lydia Pinkham herb blend. Continued as I had been to watch the timing using Glow to help me pay attention to where I was, and BOOM! That first month we conceived! :O We are thankful for this opportunity God has given us, and I pray the best for all of you!
  • Got pregnant!
  • im pregnant! 😇❤️
  • I tried to conceive with my partner of 4.5 years for 3 years. We were both told that there was no reason we shouldn’t be able to conceive. Unfortunately our relationship ended and I met someone else and fell in love. The first time we had unprotected sex I fell pregnant at the age of 36.
  • Today is my husband birthday and I can't even more happier as I found out BFP this morning. I believe that this is most valuable present for him.
  • I honestly cannot believe it!
    ​Had the most stressful week!
    ​Was due on my period yesterday but began testing Friday and had three days of vvvfl.
    ​Then on Monday afternoon I started spotting brown discharge and have been having brown discharge every day since. Had quite a striking pain yesterday which my mum seems to think I may have been having implantation pain.
    ​This morning I had a strong pink line but something in me still wasn't satisfied with the symptoms I've been having so left work at lunch time and bought a digital test and here it is.
    ​My husband and I couldn't be happier 😍❤️
  • yepeee!!!
  • I can’t believe this! 34CD and just one month after receiving a news from my doc that it is going to be extremelydifficult for me to get pregnant. I cried and couldn’t cope with it so I asked my partner to really try this time. Which means 8days straight baby making during my ovulation time. He works late so he got home around 1-2am and We had to be up at 7 but we still tried and I would’ve never believed that after all these stories from my doc I am getting a positive result! I am soooo happy!
    ​I can’t tell my bf yet because I want to surprise him with special preggo announcement gift that arrives end of next week. How do I manage to keep quiet that long🤔😁
    Ladies, I’m sharing this because you always give so much posirive support.
    ​I wish everyone who is TTC a lot of baby dust!
    ​I am gonna be a mama😳 I can’t believe it♥️
  • I’ve been trying to have baby for quite sometimes. I was on clomid twice. I stopped because they made me gained weight. I missed my period, and I didn’t think much about it. Because i has pcos and my periods wasnt so regular. I woke up this morning and took out the rapid test, and tested.. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I gave it to my husband.. he also puzzled.. lol. Baby dust to all of you who trying. I’m going to see my doctor next week to confirming. Love ya xoxoxo
  • missed period..took 3 tests, I'm prego!
  • after years of trying it finally happened!!!!!
  • preggers.... I knew I felt off...
  • I’m TTC MY 2nd child @ 32 years old. (1 1 miscarriage, one current 2 year old boy!) I began taking clomid and metformin this last cycle. Today I am due for my period. I took a pregnancy test and I think I can see a faint second line on the left!!!!!! What do you all think? Do you see one or am I seeing things that aren’t there? Plan to take another tomorrow but I would do appreciate any opinions today from the flow community. It has been a journey. ❤️