Success stories
Below are stories shared by the Glow community. We're so grateful to have been there to help along the way!
  • So excited!!!!!!! My second my boyfriends first !!
  • First month trying and we have two pink lines! Never thought we would conceive on the first try! We have been married for 7 months and just wanted to come off the pill so my body could go back to normal....I guess that didn't take long!
  • Yesterday was day 1 of a missed period! Tested today and guess what...!!!
  • I had a misscarriage on September 27th of this year and just found out yesterday that I am expecting again. 馃榿I am a little nervous because of the heartache and disappointment that Iwent through in September. This time I plan on not sharing my news until I find out what the gender of my baby is. I will then share my news with family and friends.
  • #3 is on the way. we are happy excited maybe a bit scared and nervous. lol but definately anxious! BFP everyday since 11DPO!
  • After trying for 14 months and many blood tests.. I can happily say I鈥檓 pregnant.. 21st I went for my blood results over if I ovulated.. and I left that appointment with a letter to go get fertility treatment.. 2 hours later I though I鈥檓 gonna take a test.. POSITIVE!! I鈥檓 still in shock but I can鈥檛 wait for this!! My milky bar kid鉂わ笍
  • 3 years of TTC
    鈥6 months of Clomid
    鈥2 IVF cycles
    鈥婯eep pushing forward 馃挄 I know it鈥檚 hard but so worth the wait 馃拫馃拫
    鈥婤FP this morning
  • One shot Alex, that鈥檚 what they鈥檒l call me!
  • I鈥檓 pregnant and nervous!!
  • My husband and I have been TTC for 15 months. We just went to the OBGYN and got a prescription for Clomid that we were planning to start next month. They wanted to do an ultrasound first though to check for cysts (none found) and it happened to be my peak fertile day, so they told me they saw a good follicle and I would definitely ovulate!
    鈥婬usband has been so so positive and confident this month and it made me feel so good. We鈥檝e been praying and trusting in God鈥檚 timing.
    鈥婭 woke up this morning at 12 DPO and took an internet cheapie and got the faintest line so I immediately dig out a FRER and got a clear positive!
    I took a digital in the middle of the day too and it said pregnant!!
    鈥媁e are so so so excited!!!
  • My boyfriend and I have been trying for about 5 months and this is finally our month!! 鉂わ笍 my first lil peanut
  • Been trying for 2 years after 3 boys .... fingers crossed it鈥檚 a girl 馃挄馃檹馃徎
  • Thought it was my period馃ぎ馃槶鉂o笍
  • 鈥嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧婬oly f*ck!! The first month i wasn鈥檛 actively trying this year! The CA wildfires really brought our community down. I figured we should take a couple months off.. I realized in the shower i was really bloated and I should have started my period on Friday. I took a test just to ease my mind. I was NOT expecting a positive!!! This is my first. I cannot wait to tell my in laws who lost everything in the fires. This will be their first grandchild 馃挏

  • My husband and I was actually trying my last cycle to conceive and we actually did it!!! Af was supposed to show nov 21 but it looks like we got ourselves a holiday gift!!!