Does semen effect CM?

Monica • I`m a 30 year old military wife and mother to our 9 year old son, Rylan and daughter, Maci who is 4.
So this is the first month I've checked my CM by inserting my fingers into myself. Usually I just check what type of discharge is on my underwear lol. So last night DH an I BD and when I go to check my CM today it's very wet and stretchy like EWCM. Almost like it is during my fertile days. I think it's his semen from last night because for the last few days it's been creamy and white and we didn't BD then. So is this normal? I'm on CD 11 out of 39 CD's and fertile week isn't until Jan 30-Feb5. Plus I got a neg OPK. So is this due to semen? Should I wait to check later today? TIA.