I need to let it out

Okay read if you want but I need this out!

I’ve been babysitting for my good friend 1.5 year old sense she was 6 months I’ll start out by saying she drops her off an hour before work and it takes her 20 mins to get there okay no big deal the shortest time I have her during a day is 8 hours and longest is 10-11 hours it first started 20$ a day than I started to see her taking advantage of me like getting off work at 2 and not getting here til after 8:30 cause her hair took to long and than I raised price to 25 $ and than finally 30$ cause that’s cheap in my opinion especially when she 22 years old lives with her parents and has no other bills but than she complained saying she not paying more than 30$ which annoyed me but whatever but she has money to go out to the bar 2-3 times a week but now she getting bad I asked for a day off in July so I could go to my first baby appointment she told me no she won’t cause her boss would be upset so I changed my appointment well I made it clear as day back in March that June 10 I was not babysitting cause it’s my daughter first birthday than she comes to me today saying she has to work but she will see if she can change I told her no and I finally put my foot down and told her thAt next week I needed Friday off because I have a party to plan a graduation party to help set up and she like well no promises like wtf you can’t tell me you have to have a back up she thinks she runs my life and I need to start speaking up but I don’t wana loose the extra money but sometimes is it worth it 🤦🏼‍♀️ when my baby was sick puking all night I told her that I’ve been up all night with a sick baby an she did not care she said I HAD to watch her and when I set a date for my 2 year old to get her hair and nails done for a girls day she told me she worked that day and to ASK her first to see if she works so I can work around her. Well let me tell you guys something every single week some reason her boss changes her schedule the days the times so how am I supposed to work around it when I never know what it is?! Like the other day I made plans cause she got off at 5 she told me in person in text an on calendar well I texted her at 515 asked when she was coming she like I don’t get off till 7?! I’m like you told me 5 she like I know but once I got to work it said 7! Omg sorry for the long rant I just needed to let it out