My bf won’t do anything I ask

So we live together.

I told him to not leave the shower running (he turns it on then leaves the bathroom and does other things for sometimes up to 30 mins before he’ll get in the shower) he won’t stop.

I told him to stop throwing things at the trash can trying to make it in, because he never makes it in or picks up after himself. He won’t stop.

I told him to put the toilet paper roll on the holder and he won’t, leaves it sitting on the floor. He will even take it off the holder and put in on the floor or the sink table.

I could go on, and on, but I think you get the point. Am I wrong? Should he not have to do what I ask of him ever? I’ve asked him nicely, and not so nicely after the millionth time. I feel like his mom having to turn the shower off, turn lights off, put the toilet roll on the holder, pick up his trash, etc.

*He’s not intentionally trying to make me mad. He’s just like that always has been we’ve been living together over 2 years now and he won’t let me tell him what to do.