Polystistic ovaries, recently unproved sex.. Could I be pregnant..?

Okay.. Basically I'm really worried, a few weeks ago I found out I have polysistic ovaries and a limited chance of conceiving. 
I spoke to my boyfriend about it then a few days later we had sex and he didn't pull out when he cum. 
Since then I found out it that I'm not almost fully infertile, as a matter of fact my problem with my ovaries only brings my chances of conceiving down about 30% less that the average woman. 
​I've shown no signs of coming onto my period, I'm already a day late. I've been feeling sick, my lower stomach feels strange, I've been having hot flashes, I can't eat full meals (it makes me stick to eat a full meal) but I love snacking. 
I've had random cravings for eggs, salami and pork. Yet the smell of them make me sick. Little things like smells are turning my stomach lately and my boobs really hurt. 
What are the chances I'm pregnant?? It's really worrying me now cause I've been feeling like it since about 4 or 5 days after we had sex.