Non-Religious Rant

Lexi • Kinsley Jo 3/8/16 😍 Khloe Grace 6/7/17 😍
With me being atheist, YES it annoys me to see people constantly posting things about "oh your child's a blessing from God" or "God be with you these next 9 months" etc, etc. I was visiting my boyfriend at work and an older lady congradulated me, and started asking personal questions. Let's just say I got scolded by this random lady for not wanting to baptize MY baby- MY BABY!! And even after politely explaining my boyfriend and I don't believe in such nonsense, she told me I BETTER start believing before my child's born "in the name of the devil" and went off. I had no other choice in my mind after many attempts to calm her down in front of costumer's at a public place to just walk away mid-sentence. It's MY choice whether or not I want to believe in something or "someone" and it DOES NOT help the matter when people force it on you. I WILL NOT be treated this way just because I don't believe in "God" and I will definitely not tolerate being told I have to do something "for the sake of my child". I firmly believe that if she chooses to be baptized and follow a religion down the road in her life so be it. I will be 100% behind her AS HER MOTHER. Rant over.