Child Support is NOT For YOU It's For Your CHILD

I've had a really difficult time with this one with my friends and family memebers. A lot of women are getting angry because the government may start regulating child support and making it like WIC in a way to where you can only buy groceries or kids clothes & shoes. Basically in a nutshell regulating it so it may only be spent on the child's needs and what ever isn't spent is kept on the card and may be used in the future as long as it's for the child's needs. For me I feel it's a good thing to regulate, it's not being regulated to where less money is going towards your child but it's being regulated so that all the money goes strictly towards your child. I really don't understand why women (from what I mostly have seen) are getting so angry about it. I'm well aware men have sole custody as well but I haven't seen anything really pop up or have heard from any male of their anger towards this subject. I don't get why this makes women angry; the money is going towards who it's supposed to (your child and their needs) child support isn't so you can go get a manicure or get new clothes and shoes for yourself or so you can live in a bigger more fancy home. It's for your child and your child alone. I believe it's also being discussed that whatever money is left on the possible child support cards may go towards the child's college etc. In the end though child support is for the child's care, it's not so you can be spoiled no matter what happened in the relationship if he or she is paying child support be thankful because there are so many who don't get anything in child support and have to pay for everything for their child, while for a lot of people who aren't paying aren't being punished.