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    Pregnant 1 IUI
    Total cost $6000
    January 20, 2019

    When first meeting with Dr. Couchman, she was very patient, explained all of our options including what our best option would be, she answered all of our questions, described the process, etc. after that first meeting, I did not see nor talk to her again until I had a question and was emailing and calling her. This meant that initial testing such as my HSG, baseline ultrasound, follow up ultrasound, insemination, etc. were all performed by other doctors in the clinic. All of the doctors are great, super friendly, and knowledgable, I just was never told who my doctor would be, which was a little off putting. Dr. Couchman was difficult to get ahold of, so it would take multiple emails and phone calls before speaking with her. It was also difficult to get test results back. It took about 5 weeks just to get basic lab results and I only got them because I kept calling the clinic over and over for weeks.


    4 IUI
    March 31, 2017

    Dr Couchman comes across as very knowledgeable, and is really accessible, giving you her card with direct email, and I've found her to be quite responsive. Overall, she's not the warmest Health Care Provider I've ever interacted with, and realistically, we only interact with her if we get the "luck of the draw" for one of our procedures. She really is just your initial consultation and treatment plan. Because of our insurance, we had to follow their treatment plan initially for our first pregnancy, and got pregnant after our 4th IUI, so we didn't really have to draw on Dr Couchman's expertise too much. For this pregnancy, she has offered some helpful tips to save us some money, and time, so I will say she is mindful of that as well.

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Medical SchoolUniversity of Colorado School of Medicine
ResidencyDuke University School of Medicine
FellowshipDuke University School of Medicine