Vitex messing up cycles...


Hi all,

Just a quick question - all those who have tried or are taking Vitex to regulate your cycle, did it mess it up in the beginning or even permanently??

My cycle has always been 28 days +/- 2 days either side. Occasionally I’d have a long cycle of 31/32 days but that was as long as it ever got. My LP was always 10-12 days though so I wanted to lengthen it slightly.

I started taking the tablets at the beginning of this cycle and ended up ovulating on CD28!!!! And it’s now day 41 and I’m still waiting on my period to start. Am freaking out as I don’t want to screw up my cycle permanently :( I haven’t taken a test yet as I do feel like my period is on its way but I just wondered what people’s experiences have been with this. I haven’t touched the tablets in a few weeks but not sure if I should pick it up again - maybe this was my body adjusting itself? I am wary of playing around too much now in case I make it worse...

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