FALSE NEGATIVE - true with picture proof!

*please note pictures of BFP test however this is to warn others of these tests which ALL showed bfn*

I ordered cheap tests off of amazon as I’m addicted to taking them every month 🙈

Anyway, a pack of 50 one step ‘early pregnancy’ tests from amazon was under a fiver. A bargain? No way!

I’ve been testing & testing with completely blank tests! I just knew I was pregnant & did not feel AF coming so I stopped at chemist on way to work & got a branded test. Before the pee had time to settle BLAZING positive!

I’m 4+2 weeks today.


Here is my pictures...

The tests claim to be sensitive to Hcg levels of 10!

This is the closest I’ve had to a line... taken tonight! 2 days after missed period.

This is an answer test from savers with a hcg sensitivity of 25...

I’ve had a clearblue digital positive too but I didn’t take a photo of it 🙈