My birth story!

I was due on the 9th of June, I went over by 9 days (any longer and they would of induced me) 
I started having contractions on Wednesday the 17th of June, they started at 7pm and they were exactly 10 minutes apart from each other.
I stayed in the house until 3am and eventually took myself to the hospital, they took me round to the delivery room at 5am, gave me a check up at 9pm and I was 7cm, they gave me another check up at 1pm and I started pushing, he arrived at 2.21pm. 
I didn't use any pain medication at all, all the midwifes were proud of me and I am a little proud of myself, it was sore but worth it in the end. 
I had a big boy at 8lb 14. 💙
Also I downloaded an app that was tracking my contractions and it was amazing, better than trying to judge for myself.