❤My sticky bean❤ = Love & Happiness👶❤

Charlene 🦄 • ♡☆My beautiful boy was born 12th July 2017☆♡ ♡Now actively trying for baby number 2 ♡

Baby #1

So today we went for my early scan(6week)... which we were very nervous about after having my ectopic & left tube removal in January and my miscarriage in may... but to our surprise our lil bean had implanted in the right place and had popped up on the screen straight away with a tummy ultrasound we even got to see our lil babas heart flicker away... I can't stop looking at it

(We couldn't believe our eyes I ended up bursting into tears with joy and my fiancé couldnt stop smiling)

👶❤Love at first sight 👶❤