Not the right time


So annoyed today For the first time in ages I’ve actually got a positive opk result😃. I’ve only got one tube which is on the left side, I always feel cramping the day before i ovulate but in the last 14 years(I am not kidding) I’ve only felt cramping from my right side. Well today I’m cramping on the left so assume I’m ovulating from that side and guess what? My Hubbies away and doesn’t get back till maybe tomorrow possibly Wednesday and I’m not happy about it. I’ve took my frustration out on him over the phone this morning and now his not talking to me, I’ve made the situation worse than it needed to be. This is the first time his been away in 17 years and I feel awful I’ve made him feel like shit when his with his friends. Why has my body chosen now to give me a positive opk when any other month all I get is faint lines I just don’t understand it Don’t we deserve a break 17 years of trying and 5 losses and no one will help as I have a son from a previous relationship we’ve had test his swimmers are working as they should. I know I haven’t got as much chance with only one tube but surely I should be able to get pregnant just once since I had it removed but nope not a single time and the only time I think this could be it hubbys away. We did bd Thursday before he went on Friday is there any chance that may be ok 4 days is pushing it isn’t it?