33 Follicles! OHSS?

Portia 💛 • 7 years ttc #1, 1st FET 30/01/19 = BFN 2nd FET 24/03/19 - BFN 3rd FET 08/07/19 = BFN 4th FET 14/11/19 = BFN 5th FET 22/03/20 = BFN

So went for my final scan before proposed ER on Monday, and they found 33 follicles! 17 on my right ovary and 16 on my left. I was on a low dose of Bemfola (stim) any way but now they are worried I will develop OHSS, my follicles were only 11-14mm so have been told I need to stim for another few days and scan again to see if they are big enough. I’m really worried that 33 is an excessive amount and that I’ve ruined all chances of it being successful this time :( just feeling really down right now as they think I have an extremely high chance of getting OHSS once I’ve triggered :(