Is it wrong for me to want to have the first week with baby alone with my partner with no visitors at all?

Louise 🇬🇧 TTC #1 💫🤰🏻🍼

Hi ladies and gents if you're about would be good to have a guys perspective on this too.

I'm not pregnant yet but I've always thought and felt that I would want and need that first week alone to adjust and recover with baby and daddy alone so I voiced it to my SO since we are TTC.

Turns out my partner doesn't agree with me at all and would want his mum over to visit. Now I have nothing against her she's a lovely lady and I can understand she'd be desperate to see her maybe only grandchild but it seems now that my partner would much prefer to respect his mum's wishes over mine which just doesn't feel right to me. Just to be clear I wouldn't even want my own parents to visit in that first week.

I can't be alone in wanting this time alone can I? Any other women feel this? Any women wish they did this in hindsight?

I don't want to play my "I just pushed a baby out card" but I feel like I have to.

And who knows how I'll feel I might want the help but I'd still like to know that I have my partner supporting my thoughts on this whatever I feel at the time.


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