Help! Desperate for answers

Hello! I am wondering if someone can help me. My baby (9 wks) has been suffering from what we thought was colic/reflux but I’m not sure.

These are her symptoms.

- foul smelling gas (and cries/wakes up when she passes it)

- pooping once a week (but not hard)

- crying inconsolably throughout the day

- spit up after every feed

- coughing, choking on the breast

I’ve considered these issues:

- cows milk allergy (stopped dairy 6 weeks ago)

- forceful left down (she is EBF and feeds very quickly 3/5 minutes)

- reflux

- colic (tried infacol, gripe water and colief)

The strange thing about this is that from 9pm - 8am when she sleeps, she is totally fine (she wakes up 3x to breast feed) so I’m completely stumped because surely if it was one of the above issues, it wouldn’t just stop at night??

Please help or let me know if you have any suggestions of what it could be. Thank you!