*update on husband looking at my phone*

I didn't want to edit the old post, well, i told my friend that we couldn't joke about these things etc he was like it sucks that your husband see it this way, because they are jokes to me too etc it's been weeks and I've stayed in touch with my friend, it's weird how this somehow brought us closer maybe? My husband and I are also doing great, except every conversation somehow ends with him complaining about me still talking to my friend. Even though we don't talk much now due to him working and the time difference. I'm feeling like I can't please anyone, including myself in this situation. My friend is "upset" bc my husband hates him and he feels like a burden and not welcomed and my husband is upset that I talk to someone he doesn't like. And I'm upset because I don't want to choose but I'll have to, and obviously choose my husband because I won't risk years of a relationship over someone I don't really know, even if I like talking to him. Just wanted to vent about it cause I've reached a very low point now.