How will I cope


I'm just laying in bed right now it's 10:56pm and I've been trying to get my son to sleep since 7:50...

From 5months old I co-slept with him as he'd out grown his sleep next to me and refused to sleep in his cot and I spent many nights so tired in the end I just gave in to him, He's now 14months old and I'm due baby 2 in 6 weeks, I've got him a toddler bed that lays right next to my bed, He can see me and touch me, to start with all was great he'd sleep in it fine, Now I spent all night with him trying to climb onto my bed and me putting him back in his bed and him having a massive tantrum, I just don't no where to move fowored and I just need a quick fix before baby 2 arrives but there is none, I fill like I'm about ready to just give into him but I don't want to, I just can't have him in are bed anymore I'm to big and uncomfortable, and these past few nights have been the worst and I think it's down to the fact my partner works shift work and after doing a week of days he's now doing a week of nights and I no my son needs a routine, I'm just struggling massively with this, I was starting to get a bit of my evenings back to myself but soon as I leave the room he's up and I have to start again, just wish he'd sleep and wish I can be more stronger, šŸ˜‘