Relacation success at 6 weeks


I’m super proud of myself and I cant believe I’ve actually done it, when I was researching about relactation I was searching for positive outcomes to keep me going so I’m just gonna add mine, it is hard but it can definitely be done!

I tried breast feeding for a few days initially but as my baby had a tongue tie and I was overwhelmed with being a new mum I just completely lost it emotionally so we went on to formula at 1 week which I was happy with at first

After a few weeks I kept feeling upset about wanting to breastfeed especially as my baby didn’t get on well with his formula having bad constipation and reflux, I decided I was going to try and breastfeed again!

We got his tongue tie fixed at 6 weeks and the day after I loaned a hospital pump, and started feeding his formula at the breast with a supplementer, the first week felt utterly hopeless and I was extremely upset that I felt nothing was working as I would only get drops when pumping

On about day 8/9 I started getting half an oz when pumping which was a light at the end of the tunnel for me, I stopped using the supplementer until he got frustrated when the milk stopped flowing this I think really increased my supply the most,

Fast forward now just over two weeks (day 16) later I am now exclusively breastfeeding my baby and we haven’t used formula in 3 days! He does need 2-3oz of breast milk supplemented in some evenings but my supply is going up every day and I actually pumped 6oz this morning after feeding

I eat oats every morning, lots of protein, tons of water and fenugreek 3 x 2 a day

I’m still very nervous about BF in public as I haven’t done it yet but I’m sure it’ll take time, no one I know has actually breastfed so they don’t understand how accomplished I feel😂

My milk drunk baby boy