Weight gain during pregnancy

Nana • Wife - Cat mom - Baby #1 coming soon!

I am 20 weeks pregnant with my first child and I am wondering if I'm gaining weight too quickly.

Before pregnancy I weighed between 138lb and 143lb (I'm 5'8) and that is the biggest I had ever been. It was a good weight. Growing up, I was skinnier and I had always been a skinny girl, everyone in my family is lean. I have a very healthy diet of whole foods and home cooked everything.

At 20 weeks, I now weigh 166lb! I gained 23lb already and am barely halfway. I have heard that a 25 - 35lb weight gain is to be expected for someone with a "normal" BMI but I feel like I am already almost maxed out!

I am still eating healthy and I am not going crazy on food or anything. I have noticed that I get hungrier more often but I don't go nuts and binge on a bunch of food. My body is just storing more, I guess?

Please share your weight gain experience during pregnancy. How much did you gain at the 20 weeks mark and how much did you gain total?

I have my 20 weeks ultrasound tomorrow (yay!) And will mention my weight gain.