TTC for 4 years now...


My partner and I got married 5 weeks ago... but we have a son who will be 6 years in January. We have been TTC for little over four years now.

My husband works in London during the week. So we spend 2-3 nights per week together MAXIMUM usually. But last month we had two solid weeks together during my peek and ovulation time, and still no success.

In those 4 years we’ve managed to get pregnant once which ended in a miscarriage at 11 weeks, and two chemical pregnancies. We’re under a consultant - but not seeing them until December.

So this month I managed to get some time off work during the half-term and spend a few extra days together by being in London. We’ve also used pre-seed and been taking pre-conception vitamins.

Can anyone make any other suggestions for people who live long distance and not having any success?? Has anyone else had a similar experience?