Always feel used after sex... 😭

Me and my boyfriend don't share a bed, i can't sleep through his snoring but that is a whole different story.

He will come to bed with me at night or in the morning if he wants sex, but when it happens, I get no love at all, it's always always all about him and then as soon as it's done he's gone. I get that if he is tired and wants to go sleep straight after that's fine, but the fact I never get any attention just makes me feel so used, and more often than not, i end up in tears afterwards.

He knows how I feel, I've told him before, this morning afterwards I was pretty pissed off when he just got up to walk off, so I was like thanks, and he said thanks for what, and I responded, for nothing and he was like I thought so.

Urgh, this makes me so upset. Does anyone else get it? With guys I've been with previously they've always made sure I come first, or even after they're done they'll still make sure I'm ok. 🤷‍♀️