Visitor rant

So some family was meant to come round today. My husband organised it. He told me a time, my LG has been cluster feeding for the last 5 hours. I. Am. Shattered. I’ve struggled to pump extra today because she’s been feeding that much, I really like having enough stored so over night I can breast feed then give a really good top up so she isn’t awake for hours feeding. What I’ve managed to pump today I used a load of it to help feed her as i was expecting these visitors at a certain time.

Almost an hour after the time my husband said they’d be here they’re still not here. LG is asleep currently but by today’s standards she will be awake and wanting more food in 20 minutes. I really could do with using this time of her asleep to eat and have a shower and maybe pump even for 5 minutes to get some more. Instead I’m still waiting for his family to show up.