Is it worth continuing ?


Hi all,

My husband and I received devastating news today that we do not qualify for nhs treatment in the uk due to me having low AMR levels, hubby also has reduced morphology between 2%-3%. Our only option now is to private and fund this ourselves, I have no idea how we are going to do that when the cost per attempt start at £4,000.00+. I feel like because my results were low that it’s a case of ‘your past helping’.

Anyway, my question is, I have been using ovulation strips for the last two years on our journey of ttc, is it even worth tracking my ovulation now that we know we probably won’t conceive without help? I know I could get cheap strips but I liked using the digital clear blue ovulation kits.

I’m trying so much to stay positive but I just can’t stop crying. I don’t know how I’m going to cope when everyone around me has children, it’s been hard enough as it is for the last two years, I thought this referral was the beginning, turns out it’s the end, a big fat dead end 😭