Knowing too much! 🤯

Louise 🇬🇧 TTC #1 💫🤰🏻🍼

Just need to vent!

Been trying on and off since around September last year and AF has continued to make an appearance each month, just give me 9 months of peace woman!

So I work for a private ultrasound company which is primarily for pregnancy scans so it's safe to say that I have good knowledge of what is required to make a baby.

The problem is with knowledge now comes the stress because you then start to analyse your own body with what is considered "normal" and when a slight change happens which again is "normal" you start to obsess over it and the crazy thing is, we tell our mummies to be not to over obsess over those little thoughts yet I can't give myself that same advice because you can't tell a woman to stop obsessing over the little things... Am I right ladies?!