I Just Need Some Advice ; Please And Thank You

Madi • ♡ 09.09.16 ♡
Hey everyone! I came here to tell a little story and ask for some advice, so if you come across this, I would appreciate any and all feedback, just avoid being a complete ass; thanks! Anyways, I'm 14 (15 in November), and as of September 9th (3 weeks after I started going to my new school), I have a boyfriend. I know some relationships in high school don't last very long, but we honestly feel that we click like a puzzle; it's almost as though we were made for each other. We've both been in shitty relationships where we were cheated on, used, and emotionally beaten down; it sucked. We were both scared going into our relationship, but we're doing good so far! Most couples at our school were getting together just to have sex until they got bored. We're together because we can actually see a future with one another. Even though we've been together for about two weeks, a few of our paranoid friends say that we're moving too quickly. Literally, all we did was kiss. That's not moving too quickly, right? I'm really new to the whole good relationship thing, so I'm not sure what should be happening, other than no sex. I see a lot of other 14 year olds saying they want babies or that they're having sex, but like, I'm 14, my boyfriend is 15; plan your lives, kids. You only get a short amount of time to goof off and be silly, so make the most out of it. Going off of that, even after only about two weeks and not planning on children until after college, my boyfriend and I have talked about what our kids would be like. That's not wrong, is it? Nothing's official for our future, we've both just decided that we HAVE to finish college before we do anything with kids. I've got to be one of THE smartest teenagers alive today. Moving on now, if you could PLEASE answer my questions, that would be fantastic! Thanks!
•After being together for almost two weeks, and only getting to kissing, are my boyfriend and I moving too quickly in our relationship?
•Same to the two weeks part above, but is it wrong that we've started discussing kids even though we don't plan on them until we're in our own house with jobs?